Catering trends are about more than following fads or keeping up with the latest edible craze.  They’re about allowing you and your guests to try new and stimulating flavors, explore cutting-edge cuisine, and experience your food in way you never have before.  Whether you go with an elaborate multi-course meal or light hors d’oeuvres for your event, your food should be mouth-watering, festive, and exciting!

Greens Point likes to stay on top of trends–we want our ideas and designs to be fresh and modern and a highlight of your event.  Here are some trends we’ve noticed in 2011:

Comfort Foods
From bite-sized grilled cheese sandwiches to mini homemade pecan pies, people are returning to the rich, delectable, nostalgic flavors that remind them of home. For a formal event, we suggest our December Special braised beef bourguignon.  For a fun, festive option, burger sliders with cheese or truffled macaroni and cheese are always a good bet.  Looking for something unique? Try a Pot Pie Station where guests choose from a trio of individual mini pot pies including chicken pot pies topped with puff pastry, vegetable pot pies topped with an herb pie crust or Pate Chinois Pies with Ground Beef, Creamed Corn and a crispy toasted mashed potato topper!

Sustainable/Green Fare
Being “green” isn’t just about the car you drive or the amount of energy you use.  More and more, people are looking for sustainable, green options when it comes to their food, too. After all, why can’t an event be environmentally friendly as well?  Locally-grown food is just one of the ways your caterer can provide you with a “greener” experience. Greens Point’s menus reflect foods that are seasonally sourced from a variety of purveyors, utilizing local vendors when possible. Offering seasonal ingredients gives our clients optimum flavor and freshness. They reflect characteristics specific to Colorado to create a truly remarkable dining experience showcasing the best of Colorado’s natural beauty and integrity.   Some examples from our menus include Sustainable Local Alamosa Striped Bass, Olathe Corn, Haystack Mountain Goat Cheese, Colorado Leg of Lamb and Lonehawk Farms Organic Greens.

“Make Your Own” Stations
“Make Your Own” stations are always a hit with adults and kids alike.  Popular options at Greens Point Catering include our Gourmet Mac and Cheese Station, Mashed Potato Bar and our Cosmo Salad Station, shaken, stirred and served in a sugar rimmed martini glass.  For lighter fare, guests always enjoy our Vietnamese lettuce wrap station.  And of course, you can’t forget dessert!  Our Build Your Own Cupcake stations–with 3 different mini cupcakes, piped with 3 different kinds of frosting, and toppings like toasted coconut, chocolate shavings, chopped nuts and candy –are sure to leave party-goers of all ages with a smile.

Bite-Sized Delights
One of the reasons bite-sized treats are so popular is that your guests are more likely to try anything–and everything!–you put in front of them.  Bite-sized food allows you to experiment with unusual flavors and expose your friends to a wide range of culinary delights.  Besides, isn’t everything more adorable in miniature! From avante garde spins on the traditional (think Andouille and Smoked Chicken Gumbo served in a shooter cup or Crab Cakes topped with red pepper aioli, fresh tomato, lettuce and our housemade bacon) to the exotic (think crispy Roquefort and Walnut Tart with toasted garlic, caramelized brown sugar, topped with red grape slices or Edible Cracker Spoons filled with smoked salmon, red onion marmalade, and horseradish cream) bite-sized foods are a fun idea for any party.  “Lollipop” style eats are also a fun, popular idea.  We recommend Colorado lamb and veal Kefta Kabobs, Yogurt-marinated chicken satays with Aleppo pepper, and the always-fun-and-festive cheesecake pops for dessert!